Initially, Vin DiCara established relationships with American Institute of Banking (AIB) chapters in Northern and Southern New England. Subsequently, AIB became the Center of Financial Training, which currently has more than ten chapters in various parts of the country. Vin DiCara has worked with many of those CFT chapters and currently has relationships with those in Northern New England, Connecticut, New Jersey, Cincinnati, St. Louis and Denver. The other most significant source of training clients has been state banking associations, many of which provide educational training services for their bank members. Vin DiCara has developed excellent working relation ships with numerous state banking associations including those in the states of West Virginia, Virginia, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

Single and multiple day programs that address a wide variety of lending issues are the foundation for DiCara Training and Consulting’s training program services. However, in cooperation with other partners, DiCara Training and Consulting also provides on-site training of longer durations of up to five days as well as webinar services for those who are unable to attend longer programs. Vin DiCara’s objective is to meet the specific needs of clients, regardless of the length of program or delivery methodology.

Customized Training Programs
In addition to providing training through bank training organizations, DiCara Training and Consulting also contracts directly with banks who want to enhance the knowledge of their employees. Customized training is at the core of what DiCara Training and Consulting can do for its banking clients as flexibility is one of the keys to delivering programs that clients want and need. This is one of the advantages that DiCara Training and Consulting brings to any relationship; the ability to tailor a program to what the client needs and wants and not what the provider prefers. When your bank identifies a specific need for a particular group of your employees, DiCara Training and Consulting will work with you in close consultation to deliver the content that you are requesting. And if necessary, we will create a new program that addresses the professional development needs that you have identified for your employees.

For example, recently DiCara Training and Consulting was asked to provide training for the employees of a community bank in Maine with $600 million in assets. This particular bank had recently taken over some branch banks that were relinquished by another banking institution. The Human Resources Department saw that the bank’s new employees lacked the skills and knowledge to utilize tax returns as a means to conduct a complete credit analysis of its borrowers and they had also never been asked to interact with business owners in their communities. The bank asked DiCara Training and Consulting to create a training program for its lenders, which was designed to enhance their skills in areas in which they demonstrated weaknesses. At the conclusion of the two-day program, the bank’s employees had met their primary objectives: they were far more comfortable with using tax returns as a means for understanding more about the loans that they were reviewing and they had become acquainted with the ways in which owners of businesses report income on their tax returns.

Consulting Services
DiCara Training and Consulting is known for its training expertise and the quality of its training programs. This is evidenced by the banks that for years have relied on Vin DiCara to provide training to their employees. However, DiCara Training and Consulting also provides other services to individual banks on a consulting basis. Portfolio reviews, consultation on design and development of loan programs, and underwriting services using business credit analysis software are all services that DiCara Training and Consulting provides to its clients.

DiCara Training and Consulting will also partner with other consultants who assist banks with their compliance and oversight needs. When necessary, Vin DiCara can put together a team of qualified and talented professionals to meet virtually any needs that a bank might require.

Vin was very interesting, funny, and professional and used lots of wonderful examples. The material was well presented and Vin keeps things moving and is captivating in his delivery. This was great training and I learned lots!!

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DiCara Training and Consulting has earned the reputation of being a leader in training and consulting services. Our primary customers are community lenders in the banking, credit union, and economic development sectors.

With our extensive experience in the financial services industry, DiCara TC knows what it takes to effectively develop and increase financial management skills. The real world experience of DiCara's financial experts provides an unsurpassed learning opportunity. With experience as commercial lenders, entrepreneurial business owners and business consultants, our perspective brings each subject matter alive by using real-life examples. Our teaching style also creates a relaxed environment that fosters interactive participation and empowers students to take control of their own learning.

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