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Since 2004, Vin DiCara has worked closely with the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and state Credit Union Leagues in providing a variety of training services. In collaboration with CUNA in 2005, Vin DiCara was part of a team of training consultants who developed a one-week Business Credit Analysis program for credit unions, which were interested in pursuing opportunities in the area of Member Business Llnding (MBL). This initial week-long training program addressed various aspects of MBL and became the foundation for CUNA’s comprehensive MBL curriculum and certification program for its member credit unions. Since 2005, Mr. DiCara has been one of CUNA’s principal instructors and each summer teaches the week-long Business Credit Analysis program in Madison, Wisconsin.

In 2006, Mr. DiCara assisted in the design and development of a second more advanced MBL Lending School, also in cooperation with and at the request of CUNA. This second school was designed to appeal to the more experienced Member Business Lender. CUNA introduced this school in July of 2006 in Madison. Credit union business lenders who have attended this more advanced school have been able to enhance their lending skills to improve the quality of their loan portfolios and to better serve their members.

CUNA’s MBL curriculum now consists of three week-long training programs. Attendees that complete all three of these programs have the opportunity to earn their CUNA Credit Union Business Lending Professional (CUBLP) designation. This designation has been recognized as one of the most valuable professional designations for MBL professionals in the nation.

In addition to its relationship with CUNA, DiCara Training and Consulting, LLC also contracts with credit union leagues and individual credit unions that require training services. Vin DiCara’s experience includes working with leagues and credit unions in the states of Hawaii, South and North Carolina, Alabama, South and North Dakota, Maine, Minnesota, Virginia and Massachusetts.

Customized Training Programs
DiCara Training and Consulting is very aware that flexibility is one of the keys to delivering programs that clients want and need. As a result, customized training programs are one of the advantages that DiCara Training and Consulting can bring to any client relationship. If your credit union or credit union league does not see a program that it needs among those that we currently offer, DiCara Training and Consulting will customize a training program to meet your specific requirements.

A recent engagement for an Indiana Credit Union provides a good example. DiCara Training and Consulting was asked to conduct a training program for a group of relatively inexperienced Member Business Lenders who did not require the depth of one of CUNA’s week-long Lending Schools. The end result was the development of a customized two-day program which addressed the specific topic areas that the Credit Union’s employees required. At the conclusion of this program, the Credit Union’s employees were far more comfortable with Member Business Lending and were able to analyze lending credits which were typical of those that their credit union services.

Consulting Services
Although primarily recognized for its training expertise, DiCara Training and Consulting also offers other services to individual credit unions. We review portfolios and provide other services either on or off-site. These services include reviewing loan portfolios, consulting on the design and development of loan programs and providing underwriting and other services.

In addition to providing a variety of services directly, DiCara Training and Consulting also partners with other consultants and service providers who assist credit unions with their compliance and oversight needs. As a result of his many years working with Credit Unions, Vin DiCara is able to put together a team of qualified and trained consultants who can address virtually any Credit Union need.

Over the last eleven years Vin DiCara has served as the part-time loan officer for the Greater Portland Council of Governments Revolving Loan Fund. In this capacity Mr. DiCara has been instrumental in identifying and working closely with applicants in the analysis and structuring of loan packages. With exemplary underwriting and communication skills Vin’s work is always thorough, concise and carefully researched. A consummate professional of unquestionable integrity Vin DiCara is equally skilled in effectively presenting complex information to a diverse loan committee of individuals representing business and community leaders.

Neal W. Allen
Executive Director
Greater Portland Council of Governments
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DiCara Training and Consulting has earned the reputation of being a leader in training and consulting services. Our primary customers are community lenders in the banking, credit union, and economic development sectors.

With our extensive experience in the financial services industry, DiCara TC knows what it takes to effectively develop and increase financial management skills. The real world experience of DiCara's financial experts provides an unsurpassed learning opportunity. With experience as commercial lenders, entrepreneurial business owners and business consultants, our perspective brings each subject matter alive by using real-life examples. Our teaching style also creates a relaxed environment that fosters interactive participation and empowers students to take control of their own learning.

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