Vincent DiCara

Owner and Founder

Vincent DiCara is the owner and founder of DiCara Training and Consulting, LLC and has been involved in evaluating and meeting the credit needs of small and medium-sized businesses for thirty years as an advocate, lender, credit analyst and trainer.  Until early 2013, Mr. DiCara was the owner of Development Finance Training and Consulting, Inc. (DFTC), an organization which he co-founded in 2003.    

Since the mid-1990’s, Mr. DiCara has conducted training programs for individuals who work in the credit union, banking, economic development, and community development fields.  He has developed a number of partnerships with organizations throughout the country, including the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO), several chapters of the Center for Financial Training (CFT), and multiple state banking associations.   He is a faculty member of the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation and is also a co-creator and faculty member for the Credit Union National Association’s (CUNA) Business Lending Certification Institute.  Mr. DiCara’s training programs have become known for their ability to foster an informal and participatory environment in which students are empowered to learn. 

In addition to his experience as a trainer, Mr. DiCara is also a loan practitioner, who provides commercial loan officer services to the Greater Portland Council of Governments (GPCOG) and the Portland (Maine) Development Corporation (PDC).  His specific responsibilities with these organizations include loan underwriting, liaison to area financial institutions, and the structuring of complex financing packages that utilize multiple sources of funds from private and public sector sources. 

Mr. DiCara also provides consulting services to private and not-for-profit lenders which require assistance with the development and implementation of their commercial loan programs.  Specific services include program development, loan underwriting, and annual loan reviews. 

Mr. DiCara is a graduate of Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine and received a Masters Degree in Public Administration from the University of Maine.  He has also earned the designation of Economic Development Finance Professional (EDFP) from the National Development Council.  A native of Boston, Massachusetts, he has been a resident of the State of Maine for more than forty years.

Over the last eleven years Vin DiCara has served as the part-time loan officer for the Greater Portland Council of Governments Revolving Loan Fund. In this capacity Mr. DiCara has been instrumental in identifying and working closely with applicants in the analysis and structuring of loan packages. With exemplary underwriting and communication skills Vin’s work is always thorough, concise and carefully researched. A consummate professional of unquestionable integrity Vin DiCara is equally skilled in effectively presenting complex information to a diverse loan committee of individuals representing business and community leaders.

Neal W. Allen
Executive Director
Greater Portland Council of Governments
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DiCara Training and Consulting has earned the reputation of being a leader in training and consulting services. Our primary customers are community lenders in the banking, credit union, and economic development sectors.

With our extensive experience in the financial services industry, DiCara TC knows what it takes to effectively develop and increase financial management skills. The real world experience of DiCara's financial experts provides an unsurpassed learning opportunity. With experience as commercial lenders, entrepreneurial business owners and business consultants, our perspective brings each subject matter alive by using real-life examples. Our teaching style also creates a relaxed environment that fosters interactive participation and empowers students to take control of their own learning.

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